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  • SAT – 5 Week Refresher

NYS ELA/MATH – For Public and Catholic School Students Grades 3-7

Untitled-1The NYS ELA/MATH exams are given in April. This program will adhere to common core standards that will be administered on the exam.

Classes begin in the middle of November and end in April. Weekly classes are 1½ hours. We spend approximately 45 minutes on math and 45 minutes on vocabulary, reading, and writing. Our tutorial center uses the most current materials that reflect the actual exam.

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TACHS – Test for Admission to Catholic High School

Untitled-1This twenty-week program begins the end of June for the November exam. It is a 2-hour class that meets weekly. The TACHS exam is 2 ½ hours long.

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SHSAT – Specialized High School Admissions Test

Untitled-1This test is a highly competitive difficult exam that tests a higher level of thinking. It is recommended for students who have a 90+ average in 7th grade and have scored a level four on both their 6th and 7th grade NYS ELA and MATH exams. Our course is given in conjunction with our TACHS exam. The SHSAT is usually given the end of October of 8th grade.

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PSAT – The Preliminary SAT Exam (For Sophomores and Juniors)

Untitled-1The PSAT is a nationwide exam taken in October of sophomore and/or junior year providing a good indication of how a student will score on his/her SAT within 100-200 points.

We offer one 3-hour class a few days before the exam focusing on test taking tips and strategies, a short math lesson reviewing important concepts and formulas, and a mini PSAT exam sampling a few questions from each section of the PSAT exam.

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SAT –Test for Admission to College (For Juniors)

Untitled-1The SAT is a college admissions test that is nationally recognized to inform colleges what the students know in reading, math, and writing in addition to high school grades to help them make admission decisions. The test is offered several times a year. It is a 3-hour and 45-minute exam.

Our twelve-week program is an intense 2-hour class that meets weekly. The class begins the end of January to prepare for the May exam of their junior year.

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ACT – Achievement Test for College Admission (For Juniors)

Untitled-1The ACT is an achievement test that measures what a student has learned in school. Whereas, the SAT is an aptitude test, testing reasoning and verbal abilities. The test consists of four multiple-choice tests – English, Math, Reading, and Science and an additional Writing Test (Essay). We offer a 2-hour weekly classes for four weeks that follows our spring SAT class to prepare students for the June ACT exam.

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SAT – 5 Week Refresher Class (For Seniors)

Untitled-1This 2-hour weekly class for five weeks is for students who have taken the SAT at least one time. This class meets in September of senior year to prepare for the October SAT. We review test taking tips and strategies and math concepts. Four classes focus on verbal and math and one class focuses on verbal and writing. Students will take one full-length on-line SAT exam.

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Untitled-1Writing Workshop for the College Application Essay or the Personal Statement. This course consists of two 2-hour small group writing workshops to brainstorm and begin writing the essay. This is followed by two private sessions with a writing instructor. At the end of this course the college essay will be revised, edited, and polished to produce a final essay. This course is offered the last week in August through the end of September of senior year.

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SUMMER BRIDGE – For Entering K – 7

Untitled-1This six-week 1 ½ hour program begins the second week in July and runs for six consecutive weeks. The 7th grade program meets for eight weeks. Entering Kindergarten and 1st grade focus on phonics and reading. Entering 2nd- 7th focus on vocabulary, reading, writing and math.

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Untitled-1This six week 1 ½ hour program prepares students for Algebra. Students review algebra taught in 8th grade as well as new topics that are covered in the beginning of 9th grade.

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Untitled-1Math –  Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II/Trig.

Science – Living Environment, Chemistry, Earth Science, and Physics

History – Global History and U.S. History

This ten-week 2-hour program begins the end of March and runs until June. Each week different topics are taught followed by sample Regents questions. All instructors are high school certified teachers who teach the particular subject in school.

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Untitled-1We offer 1-hour small group tutoring for high school math and science by school and subject to keep up with weekly instruction in the classroom.

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Untitled-1There are certain cases that require one-on-one tutoring. We offer this from grades 1 – 12. Diagnostic testing is available.

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