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We highly recommend Barbara Rauch Tutoring Services!

As our son entered 7th grade we started thinking about TACHS prep. We initially went the route of a small group philosophy, thinking that our son would get more individualized attention. We soon came to realize that the material presented was not a planned curriculum, and it felt like there were no specific goals in mind. If one child was absent from our tutoring group, the instructor would cancel the services for that week. We then heard a lot of positive feedback about Barbara Rauch Tutoring Services and decided to switch.

With Barbara Rauch, we immediately were able to see that the course work was thoughtfully planned, and had very specific goals in mind. She had a planned curriculum to ensure that all important areas were covered. Homework and weekly tests were given to provide the parents and students with feedback on their efforts, progress, and to help identify any weaknesses. She always made herself available outside of class time to further explain areas in need.

We truly believe that Barbara Rauch Tutoring Service thoroughly prepared our son for both the TACHS and Integrated Algebra Regents exams. With her dedication and thoughtfully structured curriculum, our son received three full scholarships. In addition, our son went to her for the Integrated Algebra Regents exam which yielded him a wonderful score that allowed him to enter right in geometry in high school. When we went to pick our son up from the regent’s exam, the first word out of his mouth was “THANK YOU BARBARA RAUCH!!”

Christa and James Durkin

Sheer dedication to her students

I just wanted to take some time to express how much my daughter enjoyed being in your NYS ELA/Math test prep course and Summer Bridge Program with Barbara Rauch Tutoring Service this past year.  I can’t think of a teacher who could have made this past year any more special than Frances Gotto.

Frances is a truly standout teacher because of her sheer dedication to her students.  Especially when teaching the Common Core Standards, she always made sure that all her students understood the material.  Last year was a scary time for many children and parents because of the unknown direction of the Common Core State Standardized Test, yet Frances Gotto led her class with such ease and confidence with clear direction.  Without Frances, my daughter never would have been able to master her 4th grade exam.  She scored in the 75-100% for both ELA and math.  Being able to count on Frances for extra help and clarification was really special for myself and my daughter and showed how much she cared about the happiness and success of her students.

My daughter will never forget all the fun activities Frances included in her class to enhance learning.  She especially loved how Frances always related the lessons to real-life examples that would allow the material to make more logical sense to the students and always gave them something to relate the lesson to.  France Gotto gave the children the tools that made it much easier to recall the material when being tested or when they needed it for homework.

Thank you for making last year a great school year and for always going that extra mile as a teacher.  We both appreciate it more than you will ever know.

Gina and Madison Napoletano

Words cannot express the gratitude that I have for Barbara Rauch and her staff

My sons have been going to the tutorial center for years. Michael started going to Barbara Rauch Tutoring Service in the third grade to prepare him the the NYS ELA/Math exams. Frances Gotto ran the highly structured program from 3rd through 6th grade. Then Michael went into the 7th grade NYS ELA/Math test prep class with Barbara Rauch and continued into the TACHS class. She prepared Michael so well that he made all three choices and decided to go to his first choice St. Joseph by the Sea High School and is loving every minute of it. He always says that the reason he is where he is today is through hard work and Barbara Rauch.

Barbara always made herself available to answer any questions or concerns either Michael or myself would have. Michael has also had additional one on one tutoring with Rick, who has given Michael such confidence that Michael loves math so much – thanks to Rick. My other son Nico was well prepared from grades 3 – 6 with Frances teaching the Summer Bridge and NYS ELA/Math test prep classes. Francis is absolutely amazing and is so understanding and so dedicated that she made Nico feel so comfortable. Currently Nico receives private one on one tutoring with Matt. Nico speaks so highly about buying lady era, “he makes learning so much fun!” My youngest son, Matthew who is 8 years old, has been privately tutored by Diane and Matt and always walks out of the center smiling. We have seen such amazing grades from our children and that is due to Barbara Rauch and her staff. Thank you so very much for always being there for our children.

Christina Grima


Excellent preparation and guidance

We would like to thank you for the excellent preparation and guidance you provided for our two sons for the TACHS exam, SHSAT exam, and SAT.  The materials you provided were so essential in preparing the boys for these exams.  The practice exams gave the boys a needed challenge during their coursework.  The followup that you and your staff provided provigil drug.  We BARBare proud to say that both our sons did extremely well on these exams and were accepted into the schools of their choice.  We would highly recommend the courses you provide for all of these exams.

Thank you again!

Dawn and Kevin Ivany


I thank you for doing a wonderful service to all our children. You stand apart from other learning centers because of your compassion. A friend earlier this morning was asking and I told her besides the tutoring, you care, and it’s not all about the dollar. I truly thank you for that.