Our Highly-acclaimed Tutoring Programs

We offer a range of Tutoring Programs for grades K-12 in the Staten Island area of New York. These include TACHS, SHSAT, PSAT, and more.


This twenty-week program begins at the end of June for the November exam. It is a weekly two-hour class. The TACHS exam is 2 ½ hours long. The exam is divided into four main categories.

Reading comprehension skills focus on the main idea or theme, details, vocabulary in context, drawing conclusions, inference, and author’s opinion using a wide variety of passages and poetry.

This non-calculator exam in this category will test the student’s ability for:

  • Number sense and operations
  • Algebraic expressions and equations
  • Geometry
  • Measurement
  • Data analysis/statistics
  • Probability

Students must choose the most appropriate way to express ideas in a piece of writing. Questions will address organization, clarity, sentence structure, and effective or appropriateness of expression. Students will learn grammar punctuation, and usage in this course.

This three-section separately times test is designed to measure abstract reasoning skills.

  • Paper Folding
  • Figure Classification
  • Figure Matrices


A- Taught by Barbara Rauch MONDAY TUESDAY 3:15 - 5:15
8:30 - 10:30
B- Taught by Barbara Rauch MONDAY TUESDAY 5:45 - 7:45
11:00 - 1:00
C - Taught by Barbara Rauch TUESDAY TUESDAY 3:10-5:10
D - ALSO PREPARE FOR SHSAT (CALL FOR DETAILS) Taught by Barbara Rauch TUESDAY TUESDAY 5:30 - 7:30 7:30-8:00 (for SHSAT)
E - Taught by Barbara Rauch WEDNESDAY WEDNESDAY 3:15 - 5:15
8:30 - 10:30
F - Taught by Barbara Rauch WEDNESDAY WEDNESDAY 5:45 - 7:45
11:00 - 1:00
J - A - Taught by IS 24 math teacher John Garuccio THURSDAY THURSDAY 3:30 - 5:30 (8:30 - 10:30 June/July)
J - B - Taught by IS 24 math teacher John Garuccio


This test is a highly competitive, difficult exam that tests a higher level of thinking.

It is recommended for students who have a 90+ average in 7th grade and have scored a level four on both their 6th and 7th grade NYS ELA and MATH exams.

Our course is given in conjunction with our TACHS exam.

The test consists of two primary sections – English Language Arts and Mathematics.

The exam is three hours long- 90 minutes for English Language Arts and 90 minutes for Mathematics.


7th Grade -  We now begin in November of 7th grade.  Classes meet on Tuesdays from 4:30 - 6:00.  Call the office for further details!

English Language Arts

  • Consists of six reading comprehension passages (37 questions)
  • Consists of two revising/editing passages and five-eight revising/editing and stand-alone questions (20 questions)


  • Consists of 52 multiple choice questions and five grid-in questions that cover a range of topics.
  • The exam does not allow a calculator nor are they given a reference chart with formulas.


It is a nationwide exam taken in October of sophomore and junior year, providing a good indication of how a student will score on his/her SAT within 100-200 points.

We offer one 3-hour class a few days before the exam focusing on test-taking tips and strategies, a short math lesson reviewing essential concepts and formulas, and a mini PSAT exam sampling a few questions from each section of the exam.The PSAT tests your evidence-based reading and writing and math (no essay).

A person writing on the wall with a marker
Saturday October 8th 10:00-1:00
Sunday October 9th 10:00-1:00
Monday October 10th 10:00-1:00

SAT - THE NEW ADAPTIVE DIGITAL EXAM - All new updated program to adapt to the changes in the SAT! Students will have access for one year to our online center to practice over 800 questions targeting reading, writing, and math!

The SAT is a college admissions test that is nationally recognized to inform colleges what the students know in reading, writing and language, and math in addition to high school grades to help them make admission decisions. The test is offered several times a year. The length of the exam is 2 hours!

Our thirteen-week program is an intense weekly two-hour class. The class begins in January to prepare for the March and May exam of their junior year. Students will take three full-length SAT exams and have access to our online center and be able to get a print-out of their scores and a detailed explanation of their strengths and weaknesses.

The questions on this exam are going to be more concise.  The lengthy reading passages are set to be replaced with shorter versions.  Only one question (rather than multiple questions) will be tied to each reading.  The math section will now allow a calculator for the entire math section of the exam.  Students will received their score reports in a matter of days.  

I have trained for six months to prepare for our new SAT Test Prep Program!

A Monday 3:15-5:15 January 15, 2024
B Monday 5:30-7:30 January 15, 2024
C - ZOOM Tuesday 7:15-9:15 January 16, 2024
D Thursday 5:30-7:30 January 18, 2024

Main Highlights

  • Our students will master the SAT by developing test-taking techniques and strategies that will be practiced on our three full-length SAT online exams.
  • The thirteen-week program is divided into six reading/writing classes and seven math lessons
  • The digital adaptive exam will allow colleges to determine if a student is suited for their school.
  • The Reading and Writing Test (64 minutes, 54 questions). The questions will be divided equally between two modules. The reading passages will allow you to answer one question in response to a single passage. Just be aware that these shorter excerpts will be just as challenging to read, if not more challenging than those used on the previous paper exam. There will be more questions stemming fron the humanities and a few poetry questions added. The writing portion will contain much of the previous topics in grammar, punctuation, mechanics, transitions words, and phrases that makes the author's meaning clearer for readers.
  • The Mathematics Test (70 minutes, 44 questions). The questions will be divided equally between two modules, and you can use a calculator on the entire section. The topics include Algebra, Advanced Math, Problem Solving and Data Analysis, Geometry and Trigonometry. The names of the topics have been changed; however, the topics remain the same as those on the previous paper exams. There will be DOUBLE the number of Geometry and Trigonometry questions as the paper version.


The ACT is an achievement test that measures what a student has learned in school. Whereas, the SAT is an aptitude test, testing reasoning and verbal abilities. The test consists of four multiple-choice tests in English, Math, Reading, and Science and an additional Writing test (Essay).

We offer 2-hour weekly classes for four weeks that follow our spring SAT course to prepare students for the June ACT exam.

A woman and two children painting on canvas.
A boy is writing on paper with a pen.

SAT – 5 Week Refresher

This 2-hour weekly class for five weeks is for students who have taken the SAT at least once. This class meets in August and September of senior year to prepare for the October SAT. We review test-taking tips and strategies and math concepts.

Students will take one full-length online exam.

Wednesday Sept. 4th 8:15 - 10:15
Wednesday Sept. 11th 8:15 - 10:15
Wednesday Sept. 18th 8:15 - 10:15
Wednesday Sept. 25th 8:15 - 10:15
Wednesday Oct. 2nd 8:15 - 10:15

College Application Essay

The college essay is extremely important in the college application process. It goes in conjunction with SAT scores and high school grades. We have a high school English teacher on staff that will revise, edit, and polish the essay to produce a high-quality essay.

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A little girl is writing with a red pencil.


We all know being off for two months in the summer tends to make us loose our math skills. This three times a  week two-week program will sharpen your child’s skills and introduce some new topics that students will encounter in September.

2 Call for details
3 Call for details
4 Call for details
5 Mon.,Tues., & Wed. Aug. 19th 11:00-12:00
6 Mon., Tues., & Wed. Aug. 19th 9:45-10:45
7 Mon., Tues., & Wed. Aug 19th 8:30-9:30

Introduction to High School Math - For Entering 9th Grade

This six week 1½ hour program prepares students for Algebra.

Students review algebra taught in 8th grade, as well as new topics that are covered at the beginning of 9th grade.

A boy raises his hand in front of a chalkboard.
Thursday July 25th 4:30-6:00
Thursday August 1st 4:30-6:00
Thursday August 8th 4:30-6:00
Thursday Aug 15th 4:30-6:00
Thursday Aug 21st 4:30-6:00
Thursday Aug 28th 4:30-6:00

Regents Prep

  • Math
  • Algebra 1
  • Geometry
  • Algebra 2
  • Science
  • Living Environment
  • Chemistry
  • Earth Science
  • Physics
  • History
  • Global History
  • U.S. History


LIVING ENVIRONMENT (8th or 9th) Exam is Friday, June 14th April 8th Monday 6:30-8:30 $30
CHEMISTRY- Exam is Thursday, June 20th April 18th Thursday 6:15-8:15 $30
PHYSICS (Must have 8 students) - Exam is Tuesday, June 25th April 29th Monday 6:15-8:15 $30
EARTH SCIENCE - Exam is Thursday, June 20th Call office for details
ALGEBRA 1 - ** NEW EXAM - Exam is Tuesday, June 4th April 10th Wednesday 3:30-5:30 $30
GEOMETRY - Exam is Friday, June 21st May 1st Wednesday 5:45-7:45 $30
ALGEBRA 2 - Exam is Monday, June 24th May 2nd Thursday 3:30-5:30 $30
GLOBAL HISTORY AND GEOGRAPHY II - Exam is Tuesday, June 18th April 24th Tuesday 6:15-8:15 $30
US HISTORY AND GOVERNMENT-Exam is Thursday, June 1st Call office for details $30

This eight week 2 hour program begins at the end of April or beginning of May and runs until June. Each week different topics are taught, followed by sample regents questions.

All instructors are high school certified teachers who teach that particular subject in school.

Weekly High School Tutoring

We offer 1-hour small group tutoring for high school math and science by the school and subject to keep up with weekly instruction in the classroom.

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A woman is helping children with their crafts.

NYS ELA/Math Test Prep

The NYS ELA/MATH exams are given in April. This program will adhere to New York standards that will be administered on the review. Classes begin in the middle of November and end in April. Weekly classes are 1½ hours. We spend approximately 45 minutes on math and 45 minutes on vocabulary, reading, and writing. Our tutorial center uses the most current materials that reflect the actual exam.


One-on-one Tutoring

Certain cases require one-on-one tutoring. We offer this from grades 1–12. Diagnostic testing is available.

We also prepare adults for any exam that requires them to take an exam that has math on it to enter various programs for dental hygienist, nursing, union jobs, etc.

A group of children sitting at desks in front of a white board.